Welcome to the Cardiff University School of Healthcare Sciences

Welcome to the School of Healthcare Sciences. We very much hope you enjoy your time with us and are successful in all of your endeavours. You have chosen an important and worthwhile career and profession; you are now privileged to have the opportunity to care. Your qualification and experience will provide you with a life time of satisfaction and the chance to make a really important contribution to the health and wellbeing of the population.


The School of Healthcare Sciences is part of the College of Biomedical & Life Sciences and contains a wide spectrum of professional groups delivering a host of pre- and post-registration taught and research programmes. These groups include: Clinical Photographers, Diagnostic Radiographers, Midwives, Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Operating Department and Perioperative Practitioners, Physiotherapists, and Therapeutic Radiographers. As a qualified health care professional you will be working with these practitioners as part of multidiscipline teams in a range of health and social care settings. Your working life will never be boring!


Our vision is to make a transformative contribution to excellence in health and social care through the skills and quality of our graduates and the international impact of our research and scholarship. The future quality of health and social care depends on the quality of our graduates, tomorrow’s professionals.


Naturally we have strong values underpinning all of our work that we expect students and staff to embrace fully. We believe and value:


  • excellence in everything we do;
  • a culture based on dignity, courtesy and respect for all;
  • diversity and the promotion of equality of opportunity;
  • critical thinking and reflection in all our students and staff;
  • freedom of thought, intellectual curiosity and the sharing of knowledge underpin all our activities; and,
  • the promotion of an ethical, collaborative and open work ethos.


Our ambitions for the education, research and engagement activities undertaken within the School are outlined below:


Our Education Ambition:

An experience for every student – undergraduate, postgraduate and research – that is inspiring, supportive and challenging.



  • Continually updating our programme, ensuring the use of innovative pedagogies and evidence based teaching, while integrating best practice across disciplines;
  • Ensuring our educators are esteemed nationally and internationally;
  • Building strong relationships with employers and anticipating the needs of future service configurations;
  • Internationalising our educational portfolio and the experience of students and educators;
  • Continually reviewing our support systems, estate and facilities to ensure that they are coherent and fit for purpose; and,
  • Being open and accessible to students at all points from application to graduation.



In order that Cardiff healthcare science graduates are renowned as caring professionals, continually in demand for the quality of their knowledge and skills. To enable postgraduate students to further their professions while developing their own practice and making a contribution to evidence based healthcare.



Our Research Ambition:


Significantly increased research output of world-leading quality for the benefit of our communities.



  • Establishing a shared understanding of research quality across the healthcare sciences;
  • Recognising our areas of strength and building upon them with increased investment in staffing and infrastructure;
  • Consolidating and increasing collaborative research partners locally, nationally and internationally;
  • Engaging actively with research funders to shape, understand and participate in future programmes;
  • Securing increased research income to the School, targeting RCUK, Horizon 2020 and commercial sources; and,
  • Publishing actively and disseminating findings through the best conferences in our fields.



In order to deliver research that has clinical and socio-economic impact, enhances health and social wellbeing and is recognised in REF (Research Excellence Framework) as of international excellence.


Our Ambition in our Community:

To be recognised as a forceful academic and economic influencer for improvement in health and social care.



  • Providing relevant and evidence-based post-qualification education which is in high demand and recognised as excellent by health and social care providers;
  • Engaging with policymakers, national think tanks and opinion makers to shape future healthcare practice and education;
  • Ensuring structured and regular engagement with service users and carers to test and evaluate the relevance of our teaching approaches and research programmes;
  • Engaging internationally to contribute to the development of healthcare professions worldwide and to bring best international practice back to Cardiff;
  • Recognising, testing and developing the commercial potential of our research; and,
  • Being active and open communicators about our work.



In order to enhance the health and well-being of Wales and the world through our academic excellence and relevance.

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